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Welcome to The Knowledge Series

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Our eBooks are electronic journals for use with The Knowledge Series programs. You can download them and begin your journaling journey immediately. You can print them out (not recommended – Save a Tree!), type directly into them, or use them as a reference and write in your own journal.

The Knowledge Series eBook

This eBook gives you exercises specifically designed to take you through the five keys of The Knowledge Series. View more information here

Create Your Corporate Compass with The Knowledge Series eBook

This eBook will help you focus on the challenges you face daily in your corporate life.  View more information here

Master Your Money Matters with The Knowledge Series eBook

This eBook focuses on the 5th Key – Breakthrough and, in particular, breaking through any issues you may have with regard to money. View more information here

The Original Journaling Jems ebook

Have you ever been told by a coach, counselor, therapist or best friend, “You should journal”? Do you want to journal, but don’t have the time? Don’t know what to write? Whether you’ve been journaling or writing in a diary all your life or you’ve never put pen to paper to express yourself, this ebook will help you get started, re-vitalize your journaling practice, or take a current practice to the next level. View more information here

Journaling Jems for the Business Professional ebook

No time to read all those business books on your shelves?

Whether you are just starting your business or want to revitalize your current business, this ebook will help you look at all the various aspects of your business and spark your creativity. View more information here

Pursue a Life of Passion & Purpose with Journaling Jems ebook


Finding your Passion and living your life “on Purpose” isn’t about waiting for that huge bolt of lightening. It’s about learning more about yourself. This ebook will help you do just that. You will have an opportunity to explore your past, look at things from your current point of view, ponder the future and let your imagination flow. View more information here

Welcome to The Knowledge Series