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Are you tired of riding an emotional rollercoaster
with regard to money and wealth?

Venue – TBD, San Jose, California area
10AM – 5PM

If you are not 100% happy with your current financial situation or your relationship with money, when will you decide to take action to improve and enhance your current financial situation?

The question is – If not now, when? The answer has to be – Now!

Do you want to increase your income this year?

Have you set financial goals in the past and had difficulty achieving them?
Have you ever been told that you have to work hard for your money?
Unlock your potential and make this year your best year ever!!

Lack of money is the root of all evil.

George Bernard Shaw

Past conditioning and hidden beliefs about money could be preventing you from achieving the financial success you desire.

In this workshop:-

  1. You will go on a journey
  2. Look back into your childhood and what you learned about money
  3. Identify your beliefs about money
  4. Create new and empowering money beliefs.
  5. Assess and evaluate your current situation and
  6. Plan for the future you dream of.

Join us if you want to delve into your inner beliefs and thinking that could be in your way; help you see a picture of your financial future and set you on the path to create it.

“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.”

~ Unknown

You should attend if you are – At all curious to learn more about establishing your financial freedom, Committed to creating results, Willing to take action, Have a big dream, Like to have fun.

Some comments from other Money Matters events:-

  • Great Fun. Enlightening. ~ L.S.
  • Judy runs a fun and informative workshop. She creates a great atmosphere where everyone can feel comfortable and get great benefit. ~ L.A.
  • Self improvement can be accomplished with laughter. Self exploration need not be self abuse. I got more out of Money Matters than I did from a 14-hour day long seminar. – N.B.
  • The gentle consistent way Judy guides us to explore is so very helpful. The Money Matters [workshop] was fun along with being very helpful. – J.A.
  • It’s amazing how much I learned about myself in this non-threatening environment. Enables me to move forward to my goals with confidence. – J.S.
  • Judy has a way of bringing people together and creating a safe and supportive space to work out things that may be holding you back. She is genuine and generous in sharing her gift with others. – V. L.
  • Judy is a very smart, savvy and interesting person. She is sensitive to your needs as she addresses your issues. She is well organized and positive. – K.M.
  • Playful nature of workshop made confronting money issues easy and comfortable, yet productive! – J.S.
  • Thanks for a wonderful, rainy Sunday. Learning through journaling! Abundance in thought is easy to manifest with Judy’s tools. – L. J.
  • Judy is focused on the purpose of each workshop and also creates flexibility for each person on how they process individually. – Pamelah
  • I thought it might be stuffy & people reluctant to share, but everyone was open, enthusiastic & co-operative. The way the exercises conducted were conducted allowed people to be specific to themselves & open to the group. – J.S.
  • The workshop was very well organized and prepared. I felt warmly welcomed. It was friendly, intuitive and fun. – Martine
  • Always a great time, connecting with like-minded women & finding out I am not alone in my financial dreams. – G. Pillsbury

Some comments from a recent Money Matters tele-course:-

  • “Money Matters Webinar uncovered some family values helped create a financially chaotic life, and made me realize I no longer had to live with that uncertainty. With 90 days as my definition of long term planning and the firm belief that “money falls out of the sky” to cover expenses, I continually had financial crisis which were resolved, but the process was nerve racking. I made the decision that I didn’t need to live in a state of monetary uncertainty any more — got Quicken up and running and have a firm handle on the amounts of my monthly expense and income, plus I devised a plan to close the gap. The 13 weeks created kind of drip system into sanity.” ~ Joan
  • “I can’t tell you how much working through this has helped me. This ‘Money Matters’ work has been very enlightening and the results have been instrumental in moving me forward rapidly through issues I thought I’d resolved. To have had such a revealing and expressive time journaling through these matters has actually been quite freeing and I appreciate you for offering this. Everyone should do this work!” ~ Lynn

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This event is hosted by a dynamic and playful presenter, Judy Peebles, International Speaker, Trainer, Business Strategist & Executive Coach. Creator of The Journaling Jenius™, Journaling Jems™ and The Knowledge Series™.

After a very successful corporate career, Judy started her own business in 2007. She works with driven, tenacious individuals and groups, committed to their own success who just need that extra edge and guidance to assist them to reach the next level.

She gets you clear on what you want and then sets you on the path to accomplish it, guiding and assisting along the way. Not a traditional coach, her clients have achieved amazing results such as reaching a three to five year career goal in less than two years, turned failing businesses into thriving ones, running marathons, becoming Iron Men, as well as improving their relationships and living more balanced lives.

Judy is an NLP Master Results Coach and Performance Consultant. She is known for her dynamic and playful style while delivering interactive presentations and trainings that are not only informative, but transformational.

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