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Fabulous Finds

The Knowledge Series has gathered some Fabulous Finds for you. Check them out and let us know if you have other favorites you would like to share.

& Celebrate

& celebrate was born out of the desire to inspire people to find something to celebrate every day. Perhaps it is giving yourself permission to take a week off to dip your toes in the ocean, the feeling you get from stepping into those stilettos for the first time after a breakup, or lacing up your sneakers to log that first mile toward your goal of running a 5K. Whatever the occasion, life should be celebrated each step of the way. With each box you purchase, you are providing a pair (and a half) of shoes to someone in need. Ten percent of sales are donated to Soles4Souls, a global nonprofit dedicated to fighting the devastating impact and perpetuation of poverty through the distribution of shoes and clothing. www.soles4souls.org

Variety pack of six. Cards are blank inside. $20 per box.

Accurate Wordsmith image 50 pc Accurate Wordsmith

The Accurate Wordsmith

Bucks Digital Printing Bucks Digital

All of the Journaling Jenius™ products – Journals and Journaling Jems™ cards are printed in the U.S. at Bucks Digital in Bucks County, PA.

Get Organized and More “Organization is crucial, especially when you are heading towards a big goal.” ~ Judy Peebles

Get Organized and More Overwhelmed by paper, clutter and stuff? How is clutter affecting your life? Clutter is created when there is no home for the item, due to unfinished business or procrastination. Piles or layers of stuff drain our energy and rob us of the joy of today. Get Organized and make time for the important things in your life! Credentials • NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) Member • Served as Board Member with the SFBA Chapter Group for 2 years • Chamber of Commerce Member • CA Business License • Insured and Bonded • Referrals available upon request

Steve Heckman Quartet – Journaling to Jazz – “I use all kinds of music in my workshops and for my own personal journaling practice. Jazz can be very good for creativity and inspiration. Steve Heckman, is a friend of mine, and if you’ve been to one of my workshops, you have probably heard his music!” ~ Judy Peebles

Steve Heckman

Lone Star Limousine – “Lone Star is the best limo company in the San Francisco Bay Area. A family owned company who give great service and really take care of their customers.” ~ Judy Peebles Founded in 2003, Lone Star Transportation is a family-owned and operated company that is based upon the belief that the best service is full service. Since his early days in transportation management, Alex Jaciw believed that it was not good enough to merely meet a customer’s needs… he thought that a service based company should exceed the needs of each customer. When he left to open his own business, one of his clients lamented, “Alex, what will we do without you? You were our lone star!” This phrase became the name of the company. Jennifer Jaciw is a highly respected member of the transportation industry. Her extensive background spans 20 years and includes employment at the finest charter bus companies in the Bay Area. She lends her expertise in customer service and detail to ensure each client receives the level of service they expect and deserve.
the Pet Photographer“Lori is a renowned Pet Photographer, but also does fabulous headshots.” ~ Judy Peebles

The Pet Photographer Lori A. Cheung established The Pet Photographer and The Portrait Photographer when her family and friends encouraged her to follow her passion. Her mission is to create inspiring art and to help make this a better world by contributing to her community. As a pet photographer, Lori views it as an honor to capture the boundless love and spirit of her clients’ dogs, cats, horses, bunnies, guinea pigs, mice, geckos, turtles, tortoises, fish, and boa constrictors. An everyday moment may transform into an extraordinary one when viewed through Lori’s “third eye,” her camera lens. Lori’s approach is candid, playful and energetic. Her vision and intuition creates portraits that illuminate the soul, capturing the magic and inner sparkle of each subject.

A Loving Way A Loving Way

Loving Way Energy Cards are designed to utilize the “Law of Attraction” in our everyday life in an easy to use “feeling good” way! They spark the remembrance of what we know very deeply within ourselves. You can pick one card and focus on that quality for the day, or you can spend a few minutes going through the entire deck of 41 cards, creating a meditation that will start and/or end your day with love, joy, connection, and the “Law of Attraction” in motion.

Chi-Aura Integration Chi-Aura Integration

Chi- Aura (Chi-A) is a pioneering method of energy medicine which has been evolving since March of 1987. The practitioner uses his/her entire body as a “vehicle of Light” to enhance natures innate healing properties. Sounds, specific hand positions and techniques, and shamanic elements effect the bio-electric and bio-magnetic fields to cleanse intra-psychic blocks and resistances to personal fulfillment.

Arzu Studio Hope

ARZU STUDIO HOPE believes in a holistic approach to sustainable poverty alleviation achieved through artisan-based employment that empowers women. Women, earning fair labor wages, weave exquisite hand-knotted rugs at home. Innovative social benefit practices drive transformational change by providing grassroots access to vital education, healthcare, clean water and sustainable community development programs.

Peace Cord

Peace Cord™ is a bracelet hand woven by women in Afghanistan from military grade parachute cord and uniform buttons – the same materials our soldiers use and wear. Peace Cord™ is your tie to our troops.

Peace Cord™ is a partnership between ARZU STUDIO HOPE and Spirit of America, like-minded nonprofit organizations affecting positive change in communities across Afghanistan. Production of Peace Cord™ creates jobs for impoverished Afghan women, delivers access to education and healthcare, and provides funds to U.S. troops for humanitarian projects to supply necessities like shoes, food and school books to isolated Afghan communities.