5 Keys to Accelerate Your Success


Judy Peebles Creator of The Knowledge Series™

Judy Peebles



“The Knowledge Series™ – 5 Keys to Accelerate Your Success”

The five keys of The Knowledge Series™ get you clear on what you want, show you the steps to get there and provide you with the tools you need to succeed

Vision Vision – What do you want and why


Framework Framework – Action Plan


Leverage Leverage – Support, Systems and Structure, Accountability


Brilliance Brilliance – What do you need to learn?


Breakthrough Breakthrough – What barriers – internal and external are in your way?


Presentation Topics:
“Who Says? You’re Not The Boss of Me!”

In this unique and interactive presentation learn -.
• How unconscious beliefs create results
• How changing your thinking can change your results
• Three questions to discover what beliefs you hold & if they are still valid for you
• How you think and communicate versus how others around you think and communicate.
Take away tools to
• Assist you in Problem Solving & Decision Making
• Create a more Effective Team Environment & Mitigate Conflict

“Master Your Money Matters! – Are You Ready for a Breakthrough?”

• Is your financial situation exactly where you would like it to be?
• Have you set financial goals in the past and had difficulty achieving them?

What you learned about money as a child could be the invisible obstacle prohibiting your success.

• What you REALLY believe about money and how you may be sabotaging yourself.
• How your beliefs about money could be impacting your performance and career goals.
• How to use the 5 Keys of The Knowledge Series™ to create your Vision for your financial future
• Breakthrough internal and external barriers that may be in your way

Booking an Event:

Contact Judy at info@TheKnowledgeSeries.com or 408-859-7465. Judy’s topics are ideal for an audience of professional women in their 30’s – 70’s. She also offers training for sales teams. She can tailor her presentations from 30 minutes to a full day or more. Learn more at TheKnowledgeSeries.com and JudyPeebles.com


Judy Peebles, Creator of The Knowledge Series™, The Journaling Jenius™ and Journaling Jems™

After a very successful corporate career, Judy started her speaking, training & coaching business in 2007.

She helps her clients gain clarity on what they want and then guides and assists them on the path to accomplish it.

Not a traditional coach, her clients have achieved amazing results such as reaching a three to five year career goal in less than two years, turning struggling businesses into thriving ones, running marathons, becoming Iron Men, as well as improving their relationships and living more balanced lives.

Judy is an NLP Master Results Coach and Performance Consultant. She is a sought after International Speaker and is known for her playful style while delivering compelling, interactive presentations and trainings that are not only informative, but transformational.

“Ms. Peebles delivers a dynamic presentation filled with useful information, open hearted connection to her audience, a sincere desire to assist them with the process of their life, and compassionate humor in answering questions and providing useful tools for personal transformation.  I highly recommend her as a speaker.”
~ Timothy Dunphy